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MET dept continues its tradition of getting monsoon prediction wrong, pats its own back for being consistent

29, May 2018 By @jurnoleast

Monsoon has hit Kerala ahead of its June 1 arrival prediction by the MET dept. But even though the prediction has gone wrong, the dept is happy that the tradition of getting the dates wrong is being followed consistently.

Speaking with Faking News a senior official from the department said, “There was a lot of apprehension among our staff and even the public that we’d get the predictions right. But I am happy to say that this year too we’ve managed to live up to their expectations.”

“It’s a tough task. With all these satellite images and technological know-how there is every possibility of getting the monsoon schedule spot on,” he added, while speaking on the challenges involved in the job.

The predictions, which are of vital importance to farmers and fishermen, saw many of them expressing their gratitude to the dept. “We have our own calculation which is based on the MET’s prediction. Roughly a tolerance of a few days. So we are thankful that this year too they got it wrong,” said a fisherman.

PM Modi too spoke a few words in appreciation and said that these predictions remind of the exit poll results that one gets to see immediately after the elections.