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Microsoft announces new errors for Nokia phones

03, Sep 2013 By snidescribe

Hyderabad. After the surprise takeover of Nokia’s mobile division by Microsoft computers, a few more surprises were in order for Nokia consumers.

Microsoft has announced introduction of some new errors in the Nokia mobile handsets, which will bear typical Microsoft trademark. Microsoft further asked users to be prepared for this calamity.

Nokia Phones were bombarded with errors almost immediately after the takeover by Microsoft

Immediately after this announcement Nokia mobile phone users across the world started experiencing the latest errors.

Aakash Deep, a 20 year old student who switched on his phone this morning, reported that the phone’s welcome tone had changed to the Microsoft Windows start-up tone. He had to restart the phone as the audio driver didn’t load successfully in the first attempt.

Many others complained that they keep getting annoying pop ups that say, “Your copy of Windows is not genuine. Buy original Windows copy now.”

The worst hit was taken by users of the Nokia 1100 phone. The phone is described as nearly indestructible and some consumers claim that it could even survive a nuclear strike. Therefore users mishandle it as often as they want.  So when Rahul, an IT employee tossed his phone after receiving another nagging SMS from his spouse, he was surprised to find an error report on his phone that read, “Windows has just recovered from a fatal error. Please reboot.”

Though the phone started working after sometime, Rahul was shaken for a long time. He shrugged nervously and said, “I don’t know about this takeover man. Today my 1100 hanged. What next, the Blue Screen of Death?”

Many other Nokia users shared Rahul’s confusion. All they can do now is just sit back and hope the next system upgrade is not as bad as Windows Vista.