Monday, 6th April, 2020


Middle class man continues with his extra-marital affair after Mohan Bhagwat attributes divorce to education and affluence 

18, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Caught in a moral dilemma over his extra-marital affair, a middle class bank employee has finally heaved a sigh of relief. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat recently stated that education and affluence has led to divorce rates skyrocketing in the country.

pati patni aur woh

The statement has come as a boon for many including the aforementioned employee, who has now decided to continue with his philanderings with a co-worker.

The man, on the condition of anonymity, spoke to our reporter and said, “I am neither much educated nor affluent. So as per Mr. Bhagwat, there is no way I can get divorced. I can safely continue with my affair.”

The statement has also him courage to speak openly about his affair. “Earlier we used to be discreet with our office romance. Lekin ab sab kuch khul ke hoga. I don’t think it would be much of a concern for me if my wife finds out about my affair,” he added.

“Not just that I won’t be taking any promotions as it will lead to increase in my salary and I may become affluent. And as per Bhagwatji, with affluence comes arrogance, which can lead to divorce,” he asserted.