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Milkman declares that he will dilute milk only with mineral water

26, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. In order to boost sales and to win public confidence, a milkman in Trilokpuri has declared that he will dilute milk only with mineral water from next week onwards.

“People don’t trust water supplied by Delhi Jal Board as it has impurities and germs. Milk diluted with such water may not be safe for drinking, that’s why I took this decision,” Raghu, the 43-year-old milkman explained why he went public with his announcement to sell diluted milk.

Water and Milk
The optimist sees both the glasses full

It seems that Raghu’s strategy is working as local residents have welcomed his bold and honest step.

“We know that milkmen add water to milk, so it’s obvious that we will go with mineral rich diluted milk, which is being provided by Raghu,” Santosh Sandhu, a local resident of Trilokpuri told Faking News, “And he has not increased the price of the milk, so we are getting more value for money.”

“It is similar to the way we chose the least corrupt leader from a list of leaders with varying corruption levels,” Santosh added.

Sources confirm that Raghu has partnered with Bisleri for his new strategy. As a result, some are finding fault with his honesty and calling it a corporate gimmick.

“We were initially impressed with his honesty, but it seems that he is just another corporate agent selling water,” said a person identifying himself as an Aam Aadmi Party supporter.

However, Raghu rejects such criticisms.

“What is the problem of people if I earn a few bucks from Bisleri? At least I’m being honest in my dealings. These people deserve transparent milk and non-transparent milkmen!” he fumed.