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Millions of corrupt Chinese apply for Indian citizenship

08, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After the former Railway Minister of China was sentenced to death for corruption and misuse of power, millions of corrupt people from China are seeking Indian citizenship.

“India is our natural habitat,” Pa Wan, accused of taking bribes for providing government jobs claimed, “We are ready to give 90% of money earned from corruption as commission to Indian officials if we are allowed to settle in India.”

Chinese Yuan
Since rupee’s value is going down against the dollar, officials in India are excited at prospects of earning billions of Yuans in bribe if they give Indian citizenship to the corrupt.

“Shame on China! What kind of a country hangs its corrupt ministers instead of asking them to resign and come back after cabinet reshuffle?” Mr. Wan blasted his motherland.

Similar sentiments were echoed by millions of other corrupt officials and politicians in China who are willing to part away with almost all of their earnings to be alive in a corruption-friendly nation.

“We are evaluating their proposals,” an official in Foreign Ministry in India said, “We don’t provide asylum to everyone, as we rejected Snowden’s proposal, but this seems to be a crisis of bigger scale.”

Sources say that India is planning to accept all the corrupt from China and place them in Arunachal Pradesh.

“China will stop claiming rights on Arunachal as they won’t want these guys back, while we’d have millions of new voters could vote for a sympathetic establishment in the next general elections – additional vote-bank after the Bangladeshis in India,” a source explained.

“Our officials can also learn from their expertise and plan new scams,” the source further added.