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Minister accidentally transfers billions of rupees to the wrong nephew

20, Jul 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Nephew-Uncle relation in India has always been interesting, be it the Duryodhan and Shakuni or Raina and his nephew; latest to join the ranks are Traffic Minister Sadak Bansal and his nephew Parajay Single.

Parajay Single was hospitalized this morning at AIIMS after he suffered a mild heart attack. One of his friends informed that Parajay fainted all of a sudden after he got an alert message on his mobile that his bank account had been credited with 15 billion rupees.

Nephew couldn’t believe his luck

“He was a simple guy, not as cunning as his brother Vijay Single, and the only account debit alerts he used to get was about 15000 rupees salary. I am also sure that there is no other source from where he could get such a huge amount. It must have been transferred from Sadak Bansal’s account,” Parajay’s friend said on conditions of anonymity.

Sources tell Faking News that Sadak Bansal was supposed to transfer the aforementioned amount to his nephew Vijay Single’s account, but by mistake, he transferred it to Parajay’s account.

When we asked Mr. Bansal about the truth of story, he declared it as a fictitious story to set him up. Bansal was at hospital to see his admitted nephew.

“I am a victim and a witness in this case, not any accused,” Mr. Bansal claimed as he left for his home with a small animal in his car.

Unconfirmed reports say that Sadak Bansal erred again and mistakenly sacrificed a puppy in place of a goat to save his ministry. Keeping in mind ruling party’s sensitiveness for puppies, he might be forced to resign now.