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Ministry of Highways approves big plan to beautify Indian highways, latest Photoshop software will be bought for the same

28, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Union Minister for Transport and Water Resources Nitin Gadkari said on Monday that the Centre would take steps to stop the unutilized Indian share of water flowing to Pakistan through three rivers. On top of this, there is a big plan to beautify Indian Highways and make them as uber cool as the European roads. With less time left for 2019, the physical beautification would take a lot of time and that is the reason, the ministry has approved the purchase of latest Photoshop software to make the roads more beautiful. This way the people of India will realize that the ministry is taking full care in making India stand out as one of the best transport infrastructure hub.


The ministry is already in talks with big software companies for the purchase of latest photoshop software which would help them make Indian roads beautiful, the pictures of which would then be circulated on the internet. There have been many instances of social media where fan groups or politicians themselves have used photoshopped images to propagate their development work and the same will be done for 2019 by many parties. In fact, most parties nowadays have a separate software wing which makes posters and images to promote their campaigns.

Ministry of highways will also recruit IT engineers from government colleges to take care of the photoshop work. There will be regular contests also where participants will send in entries of their photoshop images, the winners of which will be recruited by the ministry. Taking a cue from the central ministry, state ministries will also use software to enhance their transport infrastructure. IT companies are mulling over the idea of providing Indian made photoshop software as part of the ‘Make in India’ campaign.