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Misinformation in newspaper ignored as Modi doesn’t make it a political issue

04, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Various pieces of information printed in newspapers, such as a man suing a deodorant brand as it didn’t help him attract girls, which were definitely false and fake, went unnoticed because Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi didn’t make any of them a poll issue, experts point out.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi showing a newspaper that was seen by many earlier, but perhaps read by none.

“A lot of crap is published in newspapers these days, but no one bothers,” said S Painath, a media critic, “Journalists publish stuff without fact-checking or logical analysis and pure bullshit is passed on as news on many occasions.”

“Same is the case with TV channels, but all these issues go unnoticed because Modi is yet to quote them,” he argued.

Mr. Painath was referring to the news report in a newspaper, which claimed that the government has spent over 1800 crore rupees on travel expenses of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, and which was made an election issue by the Gujarat Chief Minister.

“Obviously the figure sounds too high even from the CAG standards,” Mr. Painath said, “But it didn’t raise any eyebrows for months, until Narendra Modi repeated it.”

Painath, though not a fan of Narendra Modi, has asked the Gujarat Chief Minister to start a daily news bulletin on Doordarshan, where he would just repeat stuff published in leading newspapers.

“Once he repeats them, those pieces of information will be put under intense scrutiny and analysis –an essential exercise in determining quality of news that otherwise isn’t undertaken by anyone,” he said.