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Missing cow of UP farmer found relaxing on Goa beach, refuses to go back

07, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

A UP farmer who had lodged a complaint of his missing cow, finally found her on Palolem beach in South Goa after a week of relentless search. A Whatsapp campaign helped local police track the cow. The cow however is in no mood to go back and all attempts to coax it to return have failed.

The cow escaped from the shed a fortnight ago, got itself on a south bound train and got down when it reached Goa. It is surprising how no one noticed the cow in the train or even bothered to raise an alarm.

Apparently, the TC was too scared to ask the cow for a ticket fearing retaliation by gaurakshaks, allowing it to board a train and even got her a lower berth in AC compartment.

After the aforementioned cow updated its status on Facebook and uploaded few selfies with foreigners, other cows from UP too are looking for an escape to Goa. “I know her. We used to graze in the same field. Honestly, I am a bit jealous of her right now. She is living it up and I need a break too,” said one from the herd.

The farmer however is not happy with this silent rebellion brewing in his cowshed and has appealed to CM Yogi Adityanath to do something before UP becomes a ‘cow less’ state.  .