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Modi supporter wakes up at 3 AM in the morning shouting "Abki baar Modi sarkar"

16, May 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Unable to handle excitement of the election results, Vikas Shukla, a young Modi supporter woke up at 3 AM in the morning shouting abki baar Modi sarkar.

As per his mother, Vikas was feeling electrified and thrilled since last night, and even faced difficulty in going to sleep.

Vikas’ Facebook profile pic.

“After he heard that BJP had arranged for 1 lakh laddoos to celebrate the election results, he refused to eat chapati and vegetables which I cooked. He ate half kg of laddoo and then had a cup of tea and to celebrate exit poll results,” said Vikas’ mother narrating what happened last night.

Somehow Vikas managed to go to bed only after he took a sleeping pill, but he woke up again at 3 AM shouting BJP campaign slogans.

However, after waking up at 3 AM, he couldn’t go to sleep again and till 6 AM in the morning as he kept staring at the exit polls data while eating more and more laddoos.

Meanwhile, looking at Vikas’ state of mind, his parents have barred him from watching election results and are planning to take him to a psychologist.

“Considering his frenziness, we are afraid that if the results go against Modi, God knows what would happen to him,” said Vikas’ father expressing his worries, “His mother has mixed sleeping pills in his breakfast and as of now, he is sleeping.”