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MPs fall sick as Parliament witnesses no disruption

04, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Several MPs from different political parties had to be admitted to AIIMS after they complained of nausea and fatigue in the last few days.

It should be noted that the regular schedule of disruptions was disrupted too often in the last few days as Parliament functioned and passed a couple of bills.

A normal parliament session

One such MP fell unconscious after there were no disruptions for a record 26 hours minutes in the Lok Sabha.

“These are withdrawal symptoms,” a doctor attending such patients told Faking News. Doctors had to play the “baith jaaiye” voice recording of Meira Kumar to help the honorable members of the Parliament to come back to senses.

Sources confirm that even the Parliament canteen wore a deserted look, as the tired MPs who survived the catastrophe immediately left for their homes instead of wasting few more minutes and tax payer’s money in the canteen.

“Our friends from Telangana have been suspended and hence all our hopes were pinned on our friends from the opposition. But as always, they refused to cooperate,” complained an MP from Congress.

“Now let us lose 2014 elections and come into opposition, and we will not disrupt a single session!” the angry MP warned.

Even BJP MPs shared the frustration of Congress MPs. “We are sorry for what happened but we have totally run out of ideas to disrupt the proceedings,” said a BJP MP adjusting his glucose drip.