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Mumbai man files petition: Societies should not be called ‘Co-operative housing societies’ if they don’t cooperate with bachelors

01, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Being single thought to be the coolest thing by the youngsters can actually not be very cool when it comes to renting a place in some societies in Mumbai. At most places, bachelors are treated like terrorists and the problem seems to be never-ending. Frustrated from such constant abuses, a Mumbai man has filed a petition in High Court that societies should not be called ‘Co-operative’ housing societies if they harass bachelors.bachelors

A number of committee members of housing societies are of the belief that renting out flats to bachelors leads to several problems. The committees feel that bachelors create disruptions and they don’t want their children to be exposed to such an environment. Carrying a cold-drink bottle gives the perception that the bachelor is going to have a party at his place and cold drinks are thus not allowed inside such colonies. The irony is that most of the colonies in Mumbai are known as ‘Co-operative’ housing colonies.

Shugato Srivastava, who has been facing such constant harassment from societies, finally took the challenge to bring them under control. In the petition filed by him he has mentioned the number of times he has been denied renting a flat in such societies, a number of times neighbors have checked his flat for possession of illegal things and many such instances.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Shugato and he had this to say, ” First of all we don’t get place to stay. Even if we get a flat after a long struggle, the neighbors keep us harassing constantly. Few days back my sister visited my flat and I had to show all proof from her birth certificate to our childhood photos to the colony members for they to allow her to visit my place. Most of my neighbors think that the only thing I do inside my flat is drink alcohol. I have to give an surprise alcohol test every now and then. If I blow the horn of my bike, they think that I am trying to woo their daughters, how can I take such things constantly. SO I decided to fight it out in court.”

The high court will soon give out a date for the hearing. Meanwhile the colony members are thinking of hiring Kapil Sibbal as their lawyer to prove in court that harassing bachelors is an ancient faith followed in India and it should not be tinkered with.