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Mumbai man stuns everyone by waiting for the train to stop before getting down

02, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

The infamous Mumbai local train has the ability to make people shudder merely on mention of its name. However, if you want to travel from one end of the city to the other (north/south), there’s no faster way to go. And that is the reason why millions take liking to the train journey, which has a cascading effect of too much crowd inside every train. If you thought that boarding a local train is a tough task, you need to know a bit more about getting down. Most of the crowd gets down before even the train stops, because a 2 minute stoppage is not at all sufficient for the number of people stacked in inside every coach. And that is the reason why people were stunned when they saw Sanil Jain not getting down the Churchgate bound train before it completely stopped at Dadar.


Sanil has been a daily commuter on the Bandra-Churchgate route, but never had he gathered the courage to let the train stop before getting down. But his new year resolution as his wife says was to allow the train to stop at his destination and then get down which he did yesterday. There was a sign of accomplishment on his face and he felt like sharing the joy with fellow commuters. The only problem here was that the fellow commuters were not so happy, in fact they were stunned and reminded Sanil of the risk involved in getting down after the train stops. According to them if you allow the train to stop, you may not be able to get down because of the numerous people trying to get inside the train.

Police personnel stationed at the platformed also warned Sanil and requested him to not perform such stunts as it encourages others to follow him in this deadly act.