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Chappal lost by Mumbai man in last year’s rain, returns floating to him after today's rain

01, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Nearly a year after losing his chappal on a flooded Kurla road, Sanjeev Kumar was reunited with it as the chappal came floating back to him after today’s heavy rain. Mumbai experienced really heavy rains this morning and though it inconvenienced most Mumbaikars, it did bring joy and a chappal to Sanjeev.

Sanjeev;’s chappal

“Honestly, I had given up. What are the odds of finding a lost chappal in a big city like Mumbai but it came back to me floating by itself after our street got flooded again this year. Thankfully I hadn’t thrown out the other chappal of this pair. Flooded road taketh away and flooded road giveth back”, Sanjeev said.

Explaining his parting with the chappal, Sanjeev said,”Last year, after a particularly heavy downpour, I had stepped out to buy some bread and milk. The street outside our home was flooded and the strong current of the water took my chappal with it. I tried looking for it once the rain stopped 7 days later but there was no trace of it. Today, I was just leaving for work when I saw this familiar object floating towards me. I was so thrilled that I had goosebumps all over my body.”

To celebrate his good fortune, Sanjeev immediately took off his shoes and went to office his well traveled chappal.