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Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, found sleeping for 2 hours

07, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. In a shocking sight, Mumbai, the city that allegedly never sleeps, was found sleeping in the wee hours of Saturday.

The news has shocked its residents who have always been proud about the fact that it never sleeps and have always boasted about it in front of Delhi residents.

Drowsy Mumbai.
Drowsy Mumbai.

After waking up, the city told Faking News that it was finally able to doze off because it could find a couple of hours without much noise.

“Fortunately all the noise right now is in Delhi due to elections,” Mumbai told this reporter, “Not that I get only election related noises, but I was fortunate to have a relatively peaceful two hours.”

Mumbai said that it was suffering from insomnia and failed on various occasions earlier whenever it tried to sleep.

“First the noise made by Sachin critics didn’t let me sleep, and then cries of his fans, who were heartbroken, didn’t allow me to sleep,” the city revealed one of the reasons.

“Sounds of outsiders being bashed and their loud cries for help had also made it difficult for me to sleep,” added Mumbai as another factor contributing to its insomnia.

The city further revealed that it was not very proud to be a city that never sleeps.“Who doesn’t like to sleep? Ask Deve Gowda!” the city argued, “And what’s so good about not being able to sleep?”

The city requested its residents to make up their mind if they wanted a “city of dreams” or “a city that never sleeps”.“You can’t have both!” Mumbai said.