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Mumbaikar in Delhi Metro welcomes the technical snag that left the door open in a running train

17, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With DMRC facing flak from all quarters for running a train with doors open, a Mumbaikar currently touring the capital has come out in full support of the organization.

Welcoming the technical snag that led to opening of the door, Hiren Kothari heaped praises on DMRC and the operator in charge for making him inhale fresh air.

Delhi Metro trying to ape its Mumbai counterpart.
Delhi Metro trying to ape its Mumbai counterpart?

“This was extremely courteous of them to let Mumbaikars like feel home away from home,’ said Hiren Kothari who travels in local train back in his city, “Now I have no enmity left for Delhites and I promise to not side with Mumbai in Delhi vs Mumbai debates.”

Hiren, who is a lawyer by profession, felt sympathetic towards the operator who was suspended and vowed to fight a legal battle for him free of cost.

The Mumbaikar had earlier jumped off seconds before the train halted, making his Delhi Metro ride perfect. However, he was disappointed when he couldn’t find anyone taking a dump at the railway tracks while he was stuck there.

“But I’m happy,” he said, “I hope to see some water also falling inside the metro before I go back to Mumbai next week.”

But unlike Hiren, not all Mumbaikars were happy with this incident. In fact, many of them had their jealousy and hatred towards Delhi multiply by leaps and bounds.

“Man, we were the only city to boast of this open door feature, and now even Delhi has it! I am afraid once the monsoon arrives there, they will have potholes too like us. Huh!” a Mumbaikar betrayed his deepest fears.