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Muslim groups announce protest against Vishwaroopam 2

07, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. Hours after it was known that work on “Vishwaroopam 2” has begun, Muslim groups here have announced that they would be protesting against the planned movie to help Kamal Haasan come up with another “good” movie.

“See, Vishwaroopam opened to houseful theaters after all the brouhaha,” head of one of the protesting groups pointed out, “We hope that Kamal Haasan will cooperate again and delete at least 14 scenes this time.”

A group of professional protesters were busy trying to find something offensive in this scene when reports last came in

It should be noted that Vishwaroopam was released after Kamal Haasan agreed to delete 7 scenes in the movie, hence the protesting groups are aiming higher the second time.

When asked how could they be so sure about Vishwaroopam 2 hurting Muslim sentiments when no details on the planned sequel was available, the protesting groups said, “LOL!”

When asked to elaborate, they said, “ROFLMAO!”

“Dude! You still ask such questions when someone says his or her sentiments were hurt by something he or she has no idea about?” one of the protesters finally spoke beyond acronyms.

Meanwhile sources say that some Hindu, Sikh, and Christian groups have sent “proposals” to Kamal Haasan for similar protests.