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My scam is bigger than Vyapam, claims Lalit Modi

07, Jul 2015 By Anand Bhate

London: The Vyapam scam is not just giving sleepless nights to politicians who are involved in it. Ex-IPL chief Lalit Modi too is concerned, but for a different reason. Apparently, Lalit Modi is feeling insecure that the scam has taken the spotlight away from him.

Lalit Modi is concerned that he is not in news anymore
Lalit Modi is concerned that he is not in news anymore

Going by numbers, online websites have claimed a sharp decline of 7% in followers and 23% fall in engagement in Lalit Modi’s Twitter handle after the media started reporting on the scam.

After getting undue attention in the past month, Lalit Modi got used to news interviews and live debates. His Twitter updates were followed more than the Tushar Kapoor movies. But this Vyapam scam has now spoilt the game for him.

The media is now reporting Vyapam and people have forgotten Lalit Modi. Our correspondent got in touch with LaMo and he said, “I have done a bigger scam than Vyapam but it was not intentional. I will prove my innocence in the courts. This Vyapam is a strategy by news channels to counter me. I will not let that happen. I will Tweet more regularly on the IPL scam and drag bigger names to get the headlines. Media needs to focus on me.” Our reporter later got to know from secret sources that Lalit Modi is in touch with Mr. Arnab and a series of Live Debates are scheduled later this week to drag the focus back on Lalit Modi .

Meanwhile, the authorities in Madhya Pradesh ridiculed Lalit Modi’s claims, no one however went on-record to give a statement on Vyapam but it is expected that it will continue making headlines for some time. BCCI however was happy with the course of events and is rejoicing the fact that Lalit Modi is now forgotten.