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Nairobi mall attackers want Indian media to telecast events live

23, Sep 2013 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. In what could be the most cherished moment for the Indian media, Nairobi mall attackers Al Shabab has requested the Government of Kenya to allow Indian 24×7 TV news media to telecast the happenings live.

Kenya Mall Attack
Terrorists want to know each and every detail about steps these forces make, and they think that only a live telecast by the Indian news channels can guarantee that.

“We have captured the mall and we are surrounded by armed forces. We fear the counter-violence of Nairobi government and we have all the right to be protected from it. So, we would need information about the Government’s counter-strategy. And our experience of watching 26/11 incident in Mumbai tells us that, there is no one better than Indian media who could help us on this,” read a press release by the terrorist group.

Fearing a backlash by Human Rights organizations across the globe, the Kenyan government has initiated talks with their Indian counterpart. With the upcoming general elections in mind, Indian Government seems to be ready for this as this could showcase India’s growing presence on the world map.

“We will even pay the Indian media for these services,” a spokesperson of Al Shabab told Faking News.

While the Indian news channels have not yet responded to the calls from the terrorists and governments, sources suggest that they see it as a good opportunity to lessen their dependence on government and corporate ads.

“If it makes the media happy, we could think of Right to Telecast bill,” a government source claimed.

(submitted by Purush)