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NASA discovers a remote village in India with which PM Modi does not have any childhood connection

23, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

Armed with credible data shared by it’s International Space Station, NASA today announced that it had managed to discover a remote village in India which does not have any connection with PM Modi.

The data was relayed at around 4.30 am GMT by the space station which had been working on the mission for quite some time. No sooner the announcement was made, an ecstatic staff of John F Kennedy Space Center hugged each other.

“This is more important than discovering water on Mars,” said one engineer. The exact details of the discovery are yet to be released but sources say that it is a remote village in the North of the country.

In most of his election speeches and even after that, PM Modi addressed the crowd by saying how he has a childhood connect with the region. And given how he has covered the length and breadth the country while campaigning for the party, there is hardly any place left in India. An achievement that hardly be matched by any other contemporary.

But Congress party calls it ‘hardly an achievement’ and hails NASA for its efforts. “How can one man who claims to have sold tea in Gujarat have childhood connect with each and every place he visits. Waise toh mere ghar pe bhi world map hai. Har subah ek baar mai usko dekhta hu. Iska matlab yeh thodi hai ki mai duniya ghoomkar aya hoon,” screamed Rahul Gandhi while addressing his supporters.

On the other hand, BJP hit back at NASA and discredited the data entirely. It even accused the Space Agency of spying on India.