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NATO to hire Rajdeep Sardesai, will use his skills to keep people away from ISIS

02, Oct 2014 By newsfaker

Belgium.  Fresh from his scuffle with NRIs, India Today’s consulting editor, Rajdeep Sardesai, has revived an offer from NATO.

Rajdeep displaying the same swagger he showed outside Maddison Square.
Rajdeep displaying the same swagger he showed outside Maddison Square.

NATO, which was looking for a solution to the problems it is facing in the middle east, was left extremely impressed by Sardesai’s abilities to convince people, and immediately decided to hire him and send him to Iraq on a mission to stop people from joining ISIS.

One NATO official, on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the development to Faking News. He said, “Rajdeep has exceptional abilities to differentiate between good and bad and communicate it to people in a very effective manner. He doesn’t hesitate to even put a little fight for this. He had nearly succeeded in convincing NRIs at Madison Square against country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he asked them if one man ie: Modi alone can change India.”

“There are news of youths from other countries coming to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS. This is where Rajdeep can play an important role. He can use his talent to convince them that ISIS alone can not change the world and that people are coming to join ISIS because their airfare has been paid by the terrorist organization,” the official sounded confident about Rajdeep’s abilities.

There have been some rumors of NATO extending an offer to Arnab as well. NATO has recognized his skills of confusing people. His talent can be used to confuse terrorists so they keep running from here to there instead of targeting and killing people. Arnab and NATO both were not available to comment on this.