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ND Tiwari joins social media to connect with young girls

25, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

N D Tiwari
Tiwari ji with killer looks

Lucknow. Many politicians have joined social media to connect with the youth. The latest one to do so is veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari. However, Mr. Tiwari has clarified that his intention was to interact with young girls only.

“Boys, please excuse,” Tiwari ji said as he signed up on Twitter to get female followers.

Sources close to ND Tiwari say that the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was not happy with the kind of social networking with women he was currently enjoying.

“The same old ones; some hopeful of getting party tickets while others expecting some other favors such as a meeting with Rahul Gandhi. No one really interested in me as a man with a young and loving heart,” the 87-year-old rued.

A couple of days back Tiwari ji started dancing with a relatively young female host at a function organized to honor martyrs, but the host touched his feet and excused herself.

“It was an embarrassment,” Tiwari ji shared his frustration with Faking News, “That’s why I want to connect with the younger generation that might not be stuck with such old rituals of touching feet. Why can’t they just hug, kiss, and say good bye?”

When asked if he was sure that social media was the right place to connect to new girls as many on Twitter and Facebook are still to get laid even after trying too hard, Tiwari ji said that we were underestimating his charm.

“You just keep an eye over my relationship status,” he said as he finished his Facebook registration.

Meanwhile a troll with Sunny Leone’s picture as profile pic was already following Tiwari ji on Twitter.