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We regularly watch Indian TV serials, Kumkum Bhagya is my favorite: Netanyahu

06, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu wants to make the most of PM Modi’s visit to his country. After saying that ‘he met his wife over a dinner date in an Indian restaurant’ and how Indian food is his favorite, Mr. Netanyahu has expressed his love for Indian TV serials.


Speaking to mediaperson’s in presence of the Indian PM, he said, “My family is a big fan of Indian movies and TV serials. KumKum Bhagya is my favorite. Even my kids prefer Indian TV serials to Game of Thrones.”

A few Indian reporters couldn’t help asking PM Modi about his favorite soap to which he said, “Nothing favorite. When I am in the mood for some drama and action I watch Republic TV. Aur jab comedy dekhne ka mann karta hai toh Rahul Gandhi ki speech dekh leta hu.

Sources say that PM Netanyahu is keen on having a collaboration between Israeli and Indian content creators to come up with some TV serials which viewers from both countries can enjoy.

“There is also possibility that PM Netanyahu might just tag along with PM Modi and come to India,” the source added.