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New sources say sunk Pak boat had revelers going to Goa for new year party

05, Jan 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. As per Faking News source Naveen Swami, Pakistani vessel that exploded off Gujarat coast on the midnight of 31st December, 2014 was carrying four Pakistani revelers who were reportedly going to Goa for new year’s party.

Swami says, “There is new mounting evidence that suggest they were common Pakistani youths who were simply travelling to Goa, because of lack of any proper party destination in Pakistan.”

Party that went wrong
Party that went wrong

“They just wanted to have a good time, that’s all. They had applied for Indian visa, but after getting rejected in a cruel manner, they were forced to take this adventurous step,” Swami told Faking News.

He further claimed that the blast that took place on the boat wasn’t a suicide blast, “As they were celebrating, accidentally they lighted a bomb thinking of it as a party cracker.”

“It was actually a high intensity cracker capable of blasting a boat. Such kind of crackers are there in Pakistani markets and I think it was shopkeeper’s fault. He should have warned the now deceased youths to light it in an open ground,” Naveen Swami continued.

Naveen’s revelations have muted both BJP and Congress, who respectively were claiming that the boat was carrying terrorists and smugglers.

However, Congress leader Digvijay Singh has personally raised doubts regarding Naveen Swami’s claims.

“Pakistani youth going to party in a BJP ruled state is beyond my understanding,” said Mr. Singh, “In fact, I doubt they were even coming to BJP ruled India.”