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New Zealand to give Man of the Match award to rain, if they win today

24, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Auckland. If New Zealand manages to win the semi-final tie against South Africa today, they will hand over the Man of the Match award thus received by any player from their side to rain gods.

“The situation we are in right now, don’t think anyone else will play a bigger contribution to our victory (in case we win) than rains today,” Brendon Mc Cullum told Faking News during the rain interruption.

South African fans on the other hand have sent a legal notice to rains.
South African fans on the other hand have sent a legal notice to rains.

“Surely the target set by Duckworth-Lewis system can’t be more than what South Africa would set for us in case they get to bat full 50 overs,” the New Zealand captain argued pointing at strike rate of AB de Villiers.

“Also the rain would help us in breaking the momentum of the 2 batsmen on crease,” said Mc Cullum.

“Though on second thoughts I am not really sure if anything can break AB De Villiers momentum,” he quickly added.

Also in the event of rain completely washing out the play today and on the reserve day tomorrow, New Zealand would go through the finals by the virtue of having finished higher on group stages.

However the way AB de Villiers was going before rain stopped the play, New Zealand wondered if they committed a mistake by getting Rossouw out.

“We should have exercised a bit of restraint while celebrating Rossouw’s dismissal,” Mc Cullum conceded in hindsight.

Meanwhile search is on by renowned cricket statisticians world over to find a match where AB de Villiers failed as a batsman.