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There are no more countries for PM to visit, that's why we have planned few trips to jungle: PMO sources

01, Aug 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: PM Modi’s Man vs Wild teaser video cheerfully walking alongside Bear Grylls inside Jim Corbet Park has made PMO staffs overseeing his foreign trips happy and relaxed.


After struggling for months to find new foreign destinations to arrange PM’s future foreign trips, PMO staff have found few jungle safaris which can keep PM busy and occupied till next set of assembly election dates are announced.

“Hope PM sir is not bored of jungles too soon. Jungles do not have Indian diaspora to address neither any new temple to inaugurate. Still Jungles are a real charm, I must say”, said a PMO official maintaining anonymity.

“Aaj kal ke bhag daud bale zindagi mein thoda break toh chahiye sabko. Delhi ke CO2 filled smug se, Jungle air is million times better. I am sure PM will come back fully refreshed, energized after each adventure trip”, added the official who has shortlisted Ranthambore National Park for PM’s next trip.

Bollywood directors like Imtiaz Ali who tracks PM’s trips to find suitable location for his upcoming projects is eagerly waiting for Aug 12th the day PM Modi’s Man vs Wild episode will be telecasted.

When someone pointed out, “Ali sir, Jungle mein shooting mana hai”, to which Imtiaz Bhai replied “You do not know who the hero of my next project is. It’s Akshay Kumar. He is so close to Modi Ji, PMO will grant him to shoot his next movie Mission Chandrayaan from Gir National Park”.

“Waisse bhi Akshay Ji aapna dinner 5 PM ko kha lete hain. Entire crew would have dinner along with him and sleep by 5:30 PM. Koi disturbance nahin hoga, Jungle mein mobile signal bhi kahan milta hai except few Airtel sim cards which works only inside Jungle”, told one of the project coordinators of Imtiaz Ali productions.