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No friendship band sold as Friendship Day celebrated exclusively on Facebook

05, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. Companies that got major sales boost 15 years ago when Shah Rukh Khan tied friendship bands in the movie Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai, are today a disappointed lot.

Manufacturers are complaining of losing business as the modern day youth is choosing to celebrate the festivals on social networks.

SRK in Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai
Friendship bands and “cool” lockets with fake gold chains were sold in bulk 15 years ago

“Why spend so much money on buying countless friendship bands when the same thing can be done by tagging your all your friends in a single friendship day pic?” argued 15-year-old Prakash.

“Biggest benefit is that you can tag any girl, who normally may not accept your friendship band in reality,” the Delhi lad added.

“And above that, the pic in which you tag your friends remains in Facebook album forever, unlike friendship bands that generally end up getting lost or used by moms for tying trash,” explained Prakash, sipping his favorite cafe-latte while sitting alone at CCD.

Girls are also quite happy with this change that has come as a blow to small scale businessmen.

“It’s better to accept a photo-tag than accepting a friendship band from guys. It saves from unnecessary confusion where boys think I have accepted their romantic proposal,” Anu, a Mumbai University student told Faking News.

But the markets are not ready to give up. To address these issues, they have petitioned Facebook.

“Facebook should allow a boy to tag a girl on Friendship Day only after a minimum charge is paid,” a former friendship band manufacturer suggested, “We are willing to hire web developers and make such Facebook apps.”