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No hype for this year Valentine’s day as no group has come forward to threaten couples

11, Feb 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: As per the reports we are getting from on-line retail companies as well as brick and mortar stores, sales for Valentine’s day gift items are down by thirty to forty percent on an average.

It is strange because unlike Diwali where Supreme Court cracked down on fire cracker sale, there is no such restrictions in place for Valentine’s day.


“Is it a GST effect?”, When we asked Manish, a retail store head in busy Connaught place, he said, “Sir, kitne din tak GST ko blame karte rahenge. It is because of lack of hype around the day. There are so many groups who have problem with Padmaavat and Manikarnika for distorting history, but no one has time to protest against this major controversial day. Koi hype nahin hai iss baar”.

“Previous years, valentine’s day se pehle itna hungama hota tha, threatens like couple ko pakde ke shaadi kara denge. Last year two of cousins who are siblings, valentine’s day protestors forced them to marry after they found them in a park. Luckily both had Aadhaar and Pan card as they were returning from an interview, which helped them to escape ‘unhurt’. This year no one is threatening anything like this. Why? May be because there are no elections for big states around the corner, may be many of them are busy in other protests and forgot this day has arrived”, said Manish.

Manish also feels there are ‘other’ problems. “First of all, it is falling on Wednesday, one day of the week when HR team also comes to office, busy day for all. Second, I have seen youngsters sending rose through WhatsApp and there are girls who accept it gleefully. Kya Zamana aa gaya, love mein bhi cost cutting”, said Manish who is planning to give 40 percent discount from Monday to clear his stock.