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“No idea what am I doing online at 1 AM” young man stuck with internet says

16, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Existentialism struck 23-year-old Ritwik a few minutes back when the young executive couldn’t find an answer to what was he doing online when he should have slept.

Internet addiction
An artist’s impression of Ritwik’s condition

“I have an early morning meeting and it takes me at least forty-five minutes to reach office. I don’t know why the hell I’m reading tweets and checking out Facebook updates,” said the sleepless sales manager aimlessly switching between his Firefox tabs.

Apart from waking up early, Ritwik was also supposed to finish a PowerPoint presentation but he was yet to start on that.

“Well, I thought I’d start working on that once I’m done with some tweeting, facebooking, and browsing, but I’m not done even after three hours now. Fuck! Three hours without any outcome!” the young man explained what had been keeping him busy and not allowing him to work.

“Oh man, why why why!” he added.

As the realization dawned upon Ritwik that he was stuck with an internet connection and laptop, he resolved to take a break from the aimless browsing to start the work on his presentation.

“umm… just five minutes more,” he said to himself as he embarked upon a half-an-hour project of checking the archives of a new webcomic blog that he stumbled upon thanks to a link shared by his friend.