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No plan of levying 'Nirav Cess', FM clarifies 

19, Feb 2018 By @jurnoleast

As details about the PNB fraud case are tumbling out, rumors too are flying all around the place. The latest one being that the Finance Ministry is planning to levy Nirav Cess to bail out PNB from its current financial mess. But  the Finance Minister today allayed fears of honest taxpayers by clarifying that the Govt. had such no intention.

While speaking at a press conference, Mr. Jaitley asked citizens not to believe rumors and even berated section of the media while calling it irresponsible’ for carrying reports on ‘Nirav Cess’. “Media should stop compiling reports based on WhatsApp forwards. There are no plans of Nirav Cess at the moment. The fraud case is under investigation and our banking system in robust to tide over such situations.”

“I request the media to refrain from publishing unsubstantiated reports. There will be a press release soon, till that time media can focus on Taimur. I heard Kareena got him a new bicycle. Why don’t you go check that out for the time being,” he said while replying to queries from media persons.

In the same breath however Mr. Jaitley said that he had full faith in honest tax payers and asked them to pay their taxes on time.

Those preparing for CA exams heaved a sigh of relief after this news. “Abhi tak GST theek se samajh nahi aaya aur ab ye naya cess kaha se aa gaya. This is my 10th attempt. Why is the Govt making it difficult for us ,” questioned Jignes Shah, a CA aspirant.