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Not in support of Bharat Bandh, Shiv Sena workers re-open shops forcibly closed down by MNS supporters

10, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

After Uddhav Thackeray’s claiming that his party is not supporting Bharat Bandh, many Sena supporters took to the streets to re-open shops closed by MNS workers.

Earlier in the day, MNS workers forced shops to down shutters in many parts of Mumbai. Areas such as Dadar and Parel wore a deserted look after those in support of bandh made sure it was a success. Office goers who left home early, had to face some struggle to reach their workplaces.

But after Shiv Sainiks took to the streets it was struggle of a different kind. Most sainiks were seen busy opening the shutters that were previously shut down.

Many shopkeepers were seen complaining about the inconvenience caused. “Subah se kuch business nahi hua. Sirf shutter upar neeche kar raha hoon,” said one shop owner.

In some areas minor arguments were reported between workers of the two parties.

Sources say that Raj Thackeray even called Uddhav to stop sainiks from obstructing the shut down.

“MNS Chief asked Udhhav to stop spoiling his resume. His political career is not going well and this bandh could help him get some attention,” said the source.