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Obsessed with democracy, Delhi man plans to 'elect' kaamwali bai instead of appointing one

24, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: The sense of competition among kaamwali bais from Delhi has reportedly become more than ever after a local democracy (over) enthusiast decided to formally “elect” one instead of appointing through negotiations.

Loktantra Singh, an IT employee working out of Noida, was in desperate need of a domestic help to make his domestic life strain-free. Being a die hard fan of democracy with a passion to elect, Lok wanted to strictly avoid his own involvement in appointing someone for something in his life.

“Incumbent ‘kaamwali bai’ ready for campaign.”

FN reporters spoke to Loktantra to get more information on how democracy played an important role in his life, to which he replied, “When I was a kid, we maintained voting slips along with a mini ballot box at home. Based on votes from family members, either bread or cereal would get elected for breakfast. During adolescence, my friends elected a Yahoo chatroom for me and now at work, my colleagues vote for the best porn sites to visit post office hours.” An obstinate Lok revealed with a sense of pride in his eyes.

“Even today, I plan to have my kaamwali bai elected by the residents’ association of my apartment complex. The lucky… rather “elected” bai would be notified by email, home phone or mobile based on what she elected while enrolling into the bai elections. The whole idea is to prevent appointments and the mile hue hain bias of our society. I’m waiting for the day when we actually become 100% of what we claim – a true democracy ,” said Lok as a huge round of unexpected applause followed.

Meanwhile Loktantra’s boss has now decided to do his appraisal based on voting among his colleagues.