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Office elevator named Facebook to stop offensive comments

20, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Thane. The common elevator of the Infinity Business Center in Palghar here has been painted blue and officially named “Facebook” to avoid obscene and offensive comments, which were left by unidentified people consistently in the past few months.

“We tried to locate people who wrote obscene comments on the internal walls of the elevator that used to embarrass the people,” Brijesh, the manager of the business center said, “We even complained to the local Palghar police, who laughed it off and refused to file an FIR.”

Like us on Facebook
Many lawyers believe that “Like us on Facebook” could be interpreted as an “incitement to crime” under the new IT laws

Brijesh informed that the situation had become really ugly as some shameless guys started sniggering and staring at those obscene comments, which embarrassed and enraged other people even more.

Earlier today, the business center management came to know that the Palghar police force had acted promptly and arrested girls who allegedly wrote offensive comments on her Facebook wall.

“We realized that the virtual Facebook wall was more important than the real elevator wall for the government, and hence we decided to convert our elevator wall into Facebook wall,” Brijesh explained why the elevator was named Facebook.

The management is confident that now no one would dare to write anything absurd or offensive on the elevator wall.

“One girl was arrested even for ‘liking’ the comment, so I’m sure that even if someone is able to write something offensive, no one would snigger or stare tat that in the public,” Brijesh hoped.