Online stores face dip in sales as people are personally delivering groceries at their manager’s house during appraisal month

18, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Groceries sell irrespective of the state of the economy. You can stop going to the cinema and restaurants, but there’s no way you can live without toothpaste, soap and, well, vegetables. With improving comfort with online payments, selling groceries online has become relatively easy. But most of the big online grocers have recorded sharp decline in sales during the last 20 days as people are delivering goods personally yto their managers or senior’s houses during the month of March ( Appraisal month)


Faking News reporter spoke to the CEO of Large, Mr Shwetank Srivastava and he had this to say,” Most of the employees in corporate India wait for the month of March to try and impress their seniors, as their career growth depends on this activity. There are many ways to do that and delivering groceries at their doorsteps is a hit formula. Managers and Seniors appreciate it more than anything else as buying groceries, online or offline take up a lot of time. The decline we see is seasonal and will change in the month of April when people will buy their own groceries. I had already figured in the decline of March while projecting the annual revenues. My only request to people would be to take help of online stores and then once they get those products they can easily deliver them to their boss’s home or directly give their boss’s address in the delivery address column. This will save their precious time which was getting consumed in personally delivering the goods.”

Only time will tell if people will take Shwetank’s advice seriously and shift focus to online, but it seems a bit difficult as the appraisal month makes them do hardest of activities with a big smile on their face.