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Opposition demands CAG audit of Manmohan's 'I did my best' comment

04, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. After Manmohan Singh announced his retirement from the post of Prime Minister and gave himself a clean chit by saying that he did his best, opposition has demanded for a CAG audit of PM’s ‘I did my best’ comment.

As per BJP leader Arun Jaitely, Manmohan’s comment was very ambiguous.

Tata Bybye
“Tata bye bye, do whatever you want.”

“He did his best for whom? For country? Or for a family? And even if it’s for country, there is a possibility of faking one’s effort. Trust me, faking effort to do something good is very appealing when you are in power,” claimed the BJP leader.

BJP is getting support, strangely, from AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) on this.

“Manmohan ji thinks that Rahul Gandhi has the best credentials to become the next Prime Minister. If this is his definition of ‘best‘, I doubt it when he says ‘I did my best’,” argued Kumar Vishvas of AAP, who is seen as a challenger to Rahul Gandhi.

Opposition wants CAG to scrutinize the acts of Dr. Manmohan Singh, including his acts of silence, which is widely recognized as one of his most important acts as the Prime Minister.

“While allocating energy to speak on various issues, he didn’t act in fair way. His allocation of words, and refusal to allocate on other occasions, needs to be audited,” explained an ex-CAG on condition of anonymity, “His silence has caused huge notional loss to country.”

“While we on it, we should also audit his tweets,” reacted a common man on Twitter, “I don’t think he did his best in the 140 characters he had. He didn’t tweet on Alok Nath or Justin Bieber even once!”