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Original plan of SpiceJet was to dive plane into the sea to celebrate Holi

20, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Sources have revealed that actual plan of the SpiceJet cabin crew who performed midair Holi dance, was to dive plane directly into the sea in order to give a touch of reality to the ongoing celebration.

Diving plane into the sea was the final surprise after entertaining passengers by dancing on famous Bollywood track, Balam Pichkari.

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“I overheard flight attendants talking about the planned dive. I guess that’s why they were repeating the pre-flight safety demonstration again and again,” disclosed a person who was present on the flight.

Reportedly, cabin crew wanted to give their passengers a really world class Holi celebration in cheapest possible rate.

But crew members dropped the idea after they saw that few of the passengers were suffering from cold and cough.

“It was too risky to make them take a dip in Arabian sea, it would have hampered the brand value of the company,” revealed a company insider.

However, if aviation industry experts are to be believed, it was a part of company’s PR plan, and their aim was to let the world know about Indian culture and SpiceJet.