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Asked repeatedly to think “out of the box”, Management Trainee starts wearing cardboard box to office

22, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: A Management Trainee recently became the talk of his consulting firm’s entire office floor, when he reported to work wearing a cardboard box for a shirt. Apparently, the trainee in question- a passout from a reputed B-School- had been told by his boss in his appraisal discussion to think “out of the box more often”.

Out of the Box look.
Out of the Box look.

“In the last 6 months since joining this firm, I have made 1123 excel spreadsheets and 517 powerpoint presentations,” Tadapit Kumar, the Management Trainee in the cardboard box suit said, when accosted by this Faking News reporter.

“I have had no personal life, hardly any time for a social life- barely enough for eating and sleeping. My girlfriend left me and my family now thinks I would have been better off in Yerwaada Jail… at least, there you get more holidays than in our consulting firm.”

“And at the end of it all, having done everything, all this backbreaking demeaning donkey work so that my boss could look good- even to the extent of carrying his printouts for him and taking his pet dog for its early morning urinating session,” said Mr. Tadapit passionately, “he gave me a shitty review and told me to think out of the box more. So I have started wearing this cardboard box shirt with a slit for my head. My body is in the box but my head- where all the thinking happens- is definitely out of the box.”

“Now we’ll see what happens,” he concluded. “Maybe, he’ll ask me to go back to thinking in the box.”