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Owing to competition, online store offers 'delivery before ordering' scheme

01, May 2014 By Prateek Shah

Mumbai. Owing to the rise of competition between online stores offering one day delivery and same day delivery, an online store has launched ‘Delivery Before Ordering’.

Delivery before you order
Delivery before you order

As part of the new service, all online users in India will be sent the entire range of the products available on the website, and the users can then choose what they want to keep, return the rest of the products, and pay for it after one year of successfully using the products and getting satisfied on using it.

Talking about the development, the CEO of the website said, “With competition hotting up, you’ve got to do your bit to stay ahead of the game. We think, this will win us many new customers and we will soon be able to raise more funding to support more ideas in the future, including free order, free delivery, where customers will be allowed to order products for free. For us, it is customers first, profits later.”

Delighted at the service, an online consumer said, “I’ve never been pampered like this by any member of the human race ever. Not my parents, not my girl friend, not my wife, not my kids, nobody. Thank you online portals for showering your love on me.”

Things are only set to become more customer friendly in the time to come, lets wait and watch what the online stores have to offer.