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After oxygen masks fail to deploy mid-air, flight crew opens several packets of Lays chips to maintain cabin pressure  

20, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

It was a mid-air scare for passengers of flight JL 942 after the cabin pressure dropped dangerously low and to make matters worse, the oxygen masks failed to deploy.


Around 156 passengers spent breathless 10 minutes and almost on the verge of passing when the presence of mind of the cabin crew salvaged the situation, which could have turned catastrophic.

Eyewitness say that the crew ripped open several packets of Lays chips in quick succession thereby filling the aircraft with pressurized air. This not just managed to stabilize the cabin pressure, it also evoked a sigh of relief from anxious passengers.

While recollecting those harrowing few moments, a crew member said, “Fall in cabin pressure is does happen sometime. That is why we have oxygen masks falling from the roof. But in this case the masks malfunctioned. Since packets of Lays chips are filled with pressurized air, we have been trained to use these packets to depressurize if everything else fails. In fact these packets can also be used as flotation device if the plane lands on water,” said the crew member.

Though passengers were full of praise of the crew, DGCA is carrying out its own investigation and has for the moment de-rostered the entire crew.

The apex aviation body also asked all airlines to carry around 100 packets of Lays chips during each flight as a safety measure.