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Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to play mini Asia Cup in Australia before going back

20, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Adelaide. The three evicted Asian nations from World Cup Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have decided against going back to their respective countries.

They have instead decided to organize and play a mini Asia cup between them. This Asia cup will run parallely to the world cup with all its matches staged either in Australia or New Zealand.

Three team insist India will also join them after losing to Australia.
Three team insist India will also join them after losing to Australia.

Aayein hain toh kuch leke zaroor jayenge,” declared Misbah.

Misbah rubbished speculations that Pak was doing it because they were afraid of going back home.

“It’s outright foolish to say that. We are not going back because we don’t have money to book flight tickets,” he said dismissing all such speculations.

Luckily for Pakistan, both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are still in Australia and had predicted its eviction.

“This treatment meted out to Asian nations is unfair. By organizing an Asia cup side by side, is the only way by which we can protest now,” said Rubal Hossain from Bangladesh.

All 3 nations agreed to include India also in the later stages.

“We have big hearts. We will give India also wild card entry when they inshallah lose to Australia in semi-finals,” Afridi told Faking News.

“And in case they win the world cup, they must then play another match with mini Asia cup winner and win it to prove their world cup win wasn’t a fluke,” he added.