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Pakistan in denial mode again, says give more proof to show Shahrukh's soul is in Pakistan

04, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

Islamabad: Habituated with constantly being in denial, Pakistan has once again asked for more proof to show that Shahrukh Khans soul was in Pakistan, after BJP leader Vijayvargiya commented on the superstar’s statement on religious intolerance.

SRK's soul is a non-state actor, says Pakistan
SRK’s soul is a non-state actor, says Pakistan

Pak MEA issued a statement saying, “Mr. Vijayvargiya’s statements are completely baseless and we would like to point out that Shahrukh Khan’s soul is not in Pakistan. If the Indian Govt. feels otherwise, they will have to provide us more proof. Mr. Khan is an Indian actor but his soul is a non-state actor and we strongly deny its presence on our soil.”

“They keep blaming us all the time, how many times do we have to tell them that everyone and everything that India wants from us needs proof and  more proof. We just cannot be satisfied,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hafiz Saeed has said that if Shahrukh’s soul is in Pakistan, then it means that he is already dead. “Modi Govt. is responsible for this. It is fascist and murdering people. I want Modi to answer on this intolerance,” he screamed while addressing his supporters.