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Panelist admitted to hospital due to dehydration after anchor doesn't allow him to finish his sentence 'Can I have a glass of water?'

27, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. In India, everything, from cinema to soap operas, is dramatized. Ever compared foreign soap operas with Indian soap operas?  The answer is clear, we are used to the spicy presentation of news. The shouting adds spice and attracts the attention of Indian viewers. And a panelist had to suffer due to the anchor not listening to him.


It happened in the Me-Public studio in Mumbai. Anchor Urban swami was shouting as usual on his guest panelists. He was debating about the chances of the opposition in the coming general elections and just when he put the floor open for debate, there was a panelist who was about to ask for water.

But as soon as the panelist, named Shwetank Srivastava started uttering a word, Urban made him quiet by shouting constantly at him. In fact, Urban was so angry with the panelist for not taking permission before uttering the sentence.

Shwetank was actually trying to say ‘Can I have a glass of water?’, when he was stopped and made to sit without water for 1 hour, which impacted his health and he had to be admitted to hospital due to dehydration. Shwetank is recovering well from his illness but Urban Swami is still not happy about the fact that Shwetank tried to utter a sentence without his permission.