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Panelist unsure of what to do when given time to speak by Arnab; sings nursery rhyme on air

11, Jan 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: A panelist on Newshour – the show made famous by Arnab Goswami’s shrieking – was shellshocked after being given sufficient time to speak on the show. In fact, so unprepared was the panelist to speak that he ended up singing ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’, a popular nursery rhyme, on air.

Arnab Newshour
“That’s why I don’t allow them to speak”

“When I got the invite to Arnab-da’s show, I thought I would get to enjoy Arnab-da shrieking at everyone in peace and at close quarters,” Prof. Basu Bhattacharjee, a psychology professor at Delhi University, said. “I was shocked when I actually got time to speak on the show… I was expecting to just sit in the studio and enjoy my glass of cold drink with cheese crackers. I had no choice but to start singing the first thing that came to my mind… in this case, ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’.”

Sources within Times Now have apologized for the gaffe, offering that Arnab stopped “wanting to know” only because he got a call from a credit card company who he got into a lengthy verbal argument with.

“Once Mr. Goswami gets into ‘nation wants to know’ mode, it is difficult to extricate him from it,” a spokesperson for Times Now said. “As you know, during the Newshour, Mr. Goswami is exclusively in ‘nation wants to know’ mode. So, when he got the call from the credit card company, he simply kept wanting to know.”