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Pantry furniture gets better appraisal rating than software engineers

09, May 2015 By electroman

Hyderabad. A bunch of Software Engineers from city were bowled over on seeing this year’s appraisal rating for their team. It appears that the pantry furniture got the highest appraisal rating of them all. Even the office snitch who spies on other people received an average rating.

More valuable than employee?
More valuable than employee?

The office weasel was also not spared. When he returned from his 2 hour lunch break to check on the status of the Powerpoint presentation which he was supposed to do, but dropped on an unsuspecting fresher, he found out that he too had received an average rating. He ran out of the floor screaming, “All my year’s hard(evading)work has gone to waste!”

The engineers were so infuriated by this. They went to the HR department to seek an answer. When confronted, the HR agreed to do some actual work for a few minutes. He prepared a ppt presentation to prove his point that the pantry furniture did more work than all the others.

His points were as below.

• It had better attendance than others. No unplanned leaves.

• It has boosted productivity of others by keeping them relaxed.

• It enabled good communication between employees.

• It has taken up the loads of so many employees without any complaints.

• It had logged in more hours in the office than any other, taking no breaks.

The HR department is planning to promote the furniture to middle management.

They will be giving it a Management Trainee designation and move it to the VP’s office.