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Paper leaks happen because students are not allowed to copy in exams: Bihar Board official on CBSE leaks

29, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

A Bihar board official today courted controversy by saying that the only way to stop paper leaks is by allowing students to copy. The offiical was refering to the recent CBSE paper leaks that has prompted re-exam for 2 papers.

Speaking to Faking News he said, “Till last year we hardly had any instance of paper leaks in Bihar. That was because students had faith in the system. They could rely on copying to get through the exams. But the situation has changed now. There are flying squads all over the place on exam day. Agar sarkaar chahti hai ki paper leak hona band ho, toh nakal utarne ki anumati deni chahiye chhatron ko.

He also reminisced about the good old days when the entire family used to converge at the examination hall and help the student with chits and textbooks. “Tab ki student life kuch aur hi thi. Woh the asli acche din,” he added.

Though reluctantly, a few students agreed with the aforementioned official and on condition of anonymity said that copying ensures that they get a better future. “There are coaching classes that charge a bomb just to teach us innovative methods of copying,” said another.

The paper leaks have given leading political parties to point fingers at each other. While speaking to our reporter a senior party member of the Congress, who was not aware of the CBSE leaks said, “I am not aware of the the papers being leaked, but if anything bad is happening in the country then Modi is responsible.”