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Parents thrash teenage son after his TikTok video fails to go viral

24, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

With viral TikTok videos providing instant stardom to creators, there is increased pressure on them to come up with a video that spreads on social media like wildfire.

A teenager realized the harsh truth when his parents trashed him for not making a good enough TikTok video. The incident was reported from Vasant Kunj in Delhi after neighbors heard the wails of 25 year old Ankit Khurana who was trashed by his father for making a shoddy TikTok video.

“I could see his father running around his son with a bathroom slipper in his hand. His mother too was seemed angry about something. Initially we thought it could be because their son scored just 99% in board exams. It was later that I came to know some TikTok video,” revealed a next door neighbor.

Our reporter spoke to a family friend of the Khuranas and he revealed that Ankit’s father was not happy with the handful of likes his son’s video got on social media.

“They got him an expensive smartphone hoping that he’d put it some good use by making something that will bring them some viral fame. They had high hopes from him. Sharmaji ke bete ka video toh news channel pe bhi dikhaya gaya,” said Ankit’s maternal uncle.

The Khuranas have now given an ultimatum to their son and asked him to mend his ways and produce some good viral video or face consequences.