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Patels question Hardik's timing of protest during Navratri, ask if he really is a Gujarati

19, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Ahmedabad: Hardik Patel’s latest protest has not only fizzled out but also divided the Patel community with a section of the community questioning the timing of the protest.

Hardik Patel concerned about his diminishing popularity
Disruption over Dandiya. Is he really a Gujarati?

Jignesh Patel, a businessman who has been supporting Hardik Patel all along but chose not to protest outside Rajkot stadium, spoke to Faking News reporter. He said, “Every Gujarati worth his dhokla will tell you that you don’t hold protest during Navratri. Gujarati’s are busy with his dandiyas for these 9 days. What was Hardikbhai thinking?”

Apparently, Jignesh’s views are also echoed by others in the community many of whom are now questioning if Hardik is really a Gujarati.

Sensing that their gamble didn’t pay off, Hardik  Patel’s camp has gone back to the drawing table in an attempt to assess as to what led to muted response to the protest against the cricket match. Sources close to Hardik Patel said, “We should have realized that a Patel is Gujarati first. Maybe we should have organized ‘Dandiya Protest’ inside the stadium. That would have got a better response that just plain shouting of slogans. Next time we will carry our Dandiya sticks wherever we go.”

Police Chief of Gujarat has welcomed this move and said, “We are happy with Hardik Patel’s latest protest idea. We have faced a lot of flak on previous occasions for action on the protesters. Now, when we lathicharge the protesters, it will appear more like we are playing dandiya’s rather than police action.”