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People found reading news from paper on which Vada Pav was served will have to pay 2Rs extra

05, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Vada pau is the most popular snack of Maharashtra, enjoyed by every class of people. Mumbai is not left far behind, as Vada Pav is often the on-the-run food for time conscious Mumbaikars. But the staple snack is going to become costlier as vendors think many customers enjoy an extra service with the snack, that of reading news from the paper on which it is served.


Most of the sellers of Vada Pav serve it in a piece of newspaper as serving it on disposable plates would make it costly. They don’t realize that some of the pieces of paper are of the current date news paper and customers are often found reading news once they are done with the Vada Pav.

Our Faking News reporter met the head of the Vada Pav association, Mr Mangesh Sawant and he had this to say,”Over the years we dint realize that customers were using the service of reading news free of cost at our stalls. It was just recently that I was told by some of our sellers that they found people standing at their stalls till they finished reading news on the serving paper. This caused a lot of congestion at our stalls and serving new customers took a time lag. People are sometimes seen discussing the news with their friends and all these for free, can you imagine. Already we are selling Vada Pau at a very less cost and we thought this added premium service will bear some much needed profit for our industry.”

Mangesh also conveyed that sellers will be asked to serve Vada Pav on current date news papers, so that customers don’t feel cheated by the extra cost. He has plans to tie up with newspaper vendors to get paper delivered to the stalls on a regular basis.

Talking about the customers, well, its a optional service, so there is nothing to worry about. People who are just focusing on the Vada Pav and are not bothered about reading news will pay the older charges.

Innovation starts from good observation and we should be glad that the Vada Pav association is not far behind in reinventing itself.