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Person converts ‘Junk’ Poorie to ‘healthy’ one by wiping extra oils visible outside through paper napkin

10, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: When everyone at office ate junk Poories, Raghav Sharma converted the ones on his plate to healthier options by wiping out the extra oils that was visible on the outer surface of the Poories.puri

“This is not the first time Raghav used his innovative mind in reducing calories. I have seen him eating only outer shells of the samosa leaving the unhealthy aloo inside or by heating the tea multiple times in microwave and removing the unhealthy malai layer formed on top of it. Even while drinking packaged water he will check the water is truly zero calorie or not. Too much minerals inside he will not buy them as it will add to calories”, said Anoop, a close friend of Raghav.

While speaking to FN, Raghav said, “Like health experts say, you are what you eat. Forget about eating, I will not even touch junk food. This is a good quality which I have imbibed from my childhood”.

“Problem is, by evening time I will be so hungry at office. Pass mein kuch milta bhi nahin hai. Whatever office caterer brings I have to eat because late night tak office mein baith ke kaam bhi karna padega. All these challenges have forced me to bring these innovations to my plate”, said Raghav who was wiping the eighth Poorie for the evening as the first seven tasted like ‘heaven’.

Looking at the growing demand for healthier options, food delivery app Swiggy has added “wiped Poorie”, “Samosa without Aloo”, “Paani Poorie with less salt water”, in its healthier section.

While talking to us Swiggy head Sriharsha M said, “Now days, who has time to convert high calorie to low calorie options. We do it in advance. These are slightly costly items exclusively for tier 1 premier customers who believe there is no substitute for good health”.