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Person finds there are more options inside changing room than in shelves of a shopping mall

23, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Neha, a shopaholic, does not need lot of time to select her stuffs like many of her friends. Unlike others, Neha heads straight to the changing room of the shopping malls, where she finds more options to choose from than what is available in the shelves.

“Being a working woman, I don’t have time for shopping in weekdays. So naturally I have to go out in weekends for shopping”, said Neha while speaking to our reporter.


“In those mad rush hours when most will be looking to complete their mandatory weekend loop, that is to shop, then have a quick bite in food courts before heading to a multiplex to catch the latest movie, I would be struggling to find something useful, wearable from whatever little left at the shelves”, said Neha.

“More often than not, I would leave the stores disappointed. Then you just move from one store to another and you spend most of your energy and weekend time on this. Then one trues online, that has its own set of issues to handle”, said Neha.

“One day, from the pile in the changing room, found some useful stuffs I was looking for. Now I make it a point to go little late in the day in weekends, piles would have been created in the changing. Just look for your stuff and move on”, said Neha who gave us the smart ‘tip’ to save your weekend time.

When we asked most of the malls have a restriction of carrying three to four dresses to changing rooms, Neha said, “this rule is as strictly implemented as ‘No Smoking’ in public places in India”.

In the meantime, husband and boyfriend’s association of India (HBFAI) are demanding labour ministry to ask shop owners to put few chairs at least for those hapless husbands and boyfriends who stand outside by holding more than 25 dresses. “Now with selfie culture, someone to try one dress, take a selfie, upload it, it takes hell lot of time. This is a serious shopping hazard we have, labour ministry must seriously look in to it”, said Preetham K, member of HBFAI.